Delicious Indulgence

Diva Light

So I’ve been shopping around for a ring light and found they are rather expensive. I’m just starting off with making videos and I want to provide better quality video in the future. That starts with lighting. So after a very thorough search and finding nothing within my budget as a newcomer I turned to…… Continue reading Diva Light


I’m Officially On Youtube

NEW video alert. I’ve just post my first video on Youtube‚Ĩ. It’s a “Get Ready With Me” of my everyday makeup look. Enjoy! ūüėė

Look Book

Simple Tee

Banging in my white tee today heading to Zweibr√ľcken. ¬†We are heading to the Style Outlets, or what I affectionately call the Shoe Emporium, so that my wife could pick out some new sneakers for her ever expanding collection. ¬† I kept my look simple with an everyday matte red lipstick (Milani Cosmetics, Best Red)…… Continue reading Simple Tee


A Gift

This ring was given to my mother-in-law, Rinske, from her mother before she passed away. It was to be given to¬†Mandy on her wedding day. Unfortunately, my wife isn’t the timeless pearls and diamonds kind of women so she¬†chose to pass it along to me.¬†Giving this ring to me¬†is so generous and loving. I was¬†so…… Continue reading A Gift


Throwback Thursday

I was looking through my Facebook photos this morning and the hashtag #tbt came to mind. So I’ve decided to share with you my trip to Morocco in 2010. After flying to Spain for a quick vacation some friends and I decided to take an hour long ferry ride to Africa. This photo couldn’t begin…… Continue reading Throwback Thursday