Throwback Thursday

I was looking through my Facebook photos this morning and the hashtag #tbt came to mind. So I’ve decided to share with you my trip to Morocco in 2010.
After flying to Spain for a quick vacation some friends and I decided to take an hour long ferry ride to Africa. This photo couldn’t begin to capture that crazy trip. The dress screams look at me! Which is exactly what everyone was doing. Had I done my research I would’ve known that Tangier is an Islamic culture where women cover up from head-to-toe. I felt so terrible once I realized my oversight was completely disrespectful of their culture. When we got off the boat we immediately encountered men yelling at us because we were “obviously American.” Luckily for us we met this man.   Ahmad, a restaurant owner who happened to be walking by as we were getting harassed. He told the guys that we were visiting him and became our designated tour guide.

 He took us through the market square where fish heads were being cut off on the street (think Aladdin) and a “forbidden” spice market hidden down a deserted ally.  I was initially scared out of my mind at the spice market. Because it’s illegal they, literally, locked us in a room and made us try everything. Teas, oils, herbs, and more. I had some of the most delicious tea there.

 After shopping for hours we were famished. Due to Ramadan no restaurants were opened but our dear friend, Ahmad, opened his restaurant just for us. The food was amazing.

   A foodies dream come true. Inexpensive, convenience, and delicious.

 After eating all the delicious food we needed to walk around. We strolled about enjoying the area then took an insane taxi ride through the city. The driver was going at least 90kph the entire time but it was too gorgeous to complain.    Afterwards, we missed our ferry back to Spain leaving me to flirt with some handsome immigration officers and got us on the next ferry in first class for free! Because it was so late we ended up missing the last bus for our 2 hour ride back to Malaga. We got there as the bus was pulling out. Running behind it yelling to no avail. Luckily I retained quite a bit of high school Spanish and found a taxi driver that was willing to drive us for a whopping 80€. Which wasn’t bad considering it was nearly midnight and a long drive. When we did get back to our crappy hostel we had sangrias, laughed about our crazy day,then called it a night.

This was the most stressful trip I have ever taken but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. I hope you enjoyed my story. What’s your craziest travel experience?

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