Delicious Indulgence

Are You A Psychopath?

Sometime I wonder if I could be a psychopath. It’s usually around day one or two of my period. Like if I acted on all my pure rage moments. Typically, when people cut me off on the road, forget to use their turning signal or just being a shitty human-being in general. What if I acted out my irrational thoughts? I could really be a psychopath! Then I remember the true mark of a REAL psychopath is the ability to hurt baby animals. I think about my kittens biting my nose in the middle of the night or those times I stepped in dog pee on the way to the bathroom. No! I couldn’t harm those cute little squishy faces. I love them and baby animals are adorable. Seriously, I could watch those silly YouTube videos all day. Animals. They are my reminder that while I do have red rage moments and disturbing psychotic thoughts about all the shitty things that happen in the world I am NOT psychopath. I’m just a woman on day two of her period. 

Yep, at 5am that’s what’s on my mind. Keep it cute xoxo 💋

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