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Long Ass Week

It’s been a long ass week. Have you ever just wanted a “do over?”  If life gave do over passes I would voluntarily utilize  mine this week. Let’s start with the beginning of the madness…

My fiancé broke her hand. Not by doing anything rad or super awesome. She fought the wall and the wall won. So she’s been out of commission which means I get to do everything. Yep, everything that I already do and more. So much fun.
On the plus side work was, well, dead. That was a breathe of fresh air in a field of shit, I suppose. The real tea is I’m at war with my professor. I’m not certain who’s winning really but eventually he’ll get his shit together. It’s my midterm. So 2 weeks ago I had a  midterm in my online class. The professor post the midterm but failed to provide a link to submit the midterm to so I informed him of this oversight 5 days before the midterm was due. Of course there was a due by date. Why wouldn’t there be. 4 days later, still no response. Submission link or not I’m getting this damn midterm to him one way or another so I email it to him. That’s just the beginning, darlings. Not only did I email my midterm I also post it to my “locker” on the school website (faculty can see all “locker” documents/files created) and attached it to another assignment that was due. I also emailed him again that I’d done all of these things AS WELL AS attached my midterm to that email. So I think it’s fair to say I did ALL that I could to make sure he had my midterm before it was due. Around 2am the next morning I get an email stating “Midterm link now available.” That’s it. No thanks for informing me of whatever or damn you went through a f*cking lot to reach me sorry it took so long to respond or I received you midterm no worries. No it didn’t say any of that sh*t. Yeah, I was quite irritated but I logged on and submitted my midterm to the link he’d made available AFTER the damn thing was due. I go to work and proceed about my day because I knew I’d done what I could. My ass was covered. Barely. A couple days later he extended the due date until the following Thursday.
-Oh gee, thanks!
10 solid days go by without hearing a peep from this so called professor until… He decided to grade the assignment that was due the same time as the midterm. I check my grade. Satisfied. Oh look a note is attached to it. What might it say?
“Please turn in your midterm so that it can be graded. Thanks!”
 Oh, no this slapstick joke having motherf*cker didn’t! Did he even try? What!?! Confusion. Sheer confusion. Ambivalence. This man is really trying me. I attached my midterm to the f*cking assignment he’d attached that note to how could he not see it. Ugh. So I emailed him after I took a mental health minute reminding him that prior to the extension I jumped through hoops to get that damn midterm to him and also sent a few screenshots of the various ways he might find it.
Well, that was Wednesday. It’s now Saturday night and I’ve sent a few more emails politely (and not so) asking him to reply in a timely manner. Emphasis on timely but clearly he isn’t familiar with the term.
So that’s my week. Wrapped in a riddle. Rolled in enigma. So as I drink to this hot mess of a week I can only hope that tomorrow brings blue skies and peaceful moments of serenity because I damn sure need it.
Keep it cute lovers 💋 

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