Delicious Indulgence

Vegan Until 4

Today I decided to give the vegan until 4 “diet,” and I use this word loosely, a try. And you know what, it was wonderfully delicious. I’ve been following so many vegan gurus on YouTube and Instagram lastly. I guess I was naturally curious. I always thought that if you used the word “vegan” you must live and breath 100% vegan all day everyday. That was until I read a little information about VeganTil6.  Granted, I made a slight adjustment as I know I wouldn’t stick to 6pm. I know me and knew that I would start craving some type of animal by 4pm lol.

So I had a wonderful breakfast of roasted spiralized beets and zucchini with sliced mushrooms, bell peppers and cheery tomatoes. For lunch I opted for actual pasta and gorged on it like a beast.
All in all it was a success and I intend to incorporate VeganTil4 into my everyday routine. Enjoy the mouth watering pics until next time. Keep it cute.💋



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